November 30th -
December 2nd  2022.

Youth Entrepreneurship


How will you use AI to accelerate and upskill a business?
We are currently accepting applications from aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals that can demonstrate how AI can be leveraged to solve different challenges in business.  Applicants can choose between existing public business portfolios or new and creative business plans.

Prizes 1st - 4th place

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Gearing up for the future

Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies that is critical in the utilization of big data. Unlocking and discovering data is vital to improving business efficiency! A series of factors have made it challenging for businesses and institutions alike to adopt Al.

Over the years, FAI Institute has invested in the research of Al alongside its partners in the ecosystem and found the adoption of Al adoption is more apparent than it seems. FAI Institute has embarked on a journey to empower businesses, entrepreneurs, students, and start-ups alike to realize this goal with the urgency it needs. Gain the opportunity to build your use cases and present it at the FAI Summit in front of top industry investors and venture capitalists!

Benefits of Youth Entrepreneurship

access to fast accelerator program
access to vc circle
participation in a podcast show
access to flapmax marketplace
access to flapmax learn
access to marketing resources
access to training

Expedite the Process

Flapmax has developed sample use cases that can be adopted in:

Image recognition

Algorithms that help in the identification and detect objects in an image

Image segmentation

Demarcate boundaries of different objects in an image

object detection

Automated programs to simulate and process human interaction

language understanding

Gain access to inferencing and model training infrastructure on machine learning and more


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Financial Services

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Free Access to FAST Accelerator Program

  • Access and co-innovation with Microsoft and Flapmax engineering and product teams
  • Azure cloud credit, GitHub and developer tools
  • SME value proposition and marketplace access
  • Enterprise and government proactive co-sell
  • Access to talent through Flapmax AI Academy
  • Microsoft partner ecosystem
  • Access to Microsoft Africa VC Circle
  • Cross market expansion

FAI Insitute accolades

  • Mentorship/Hands-on training
  • Marketing
  • Access to VC Circle
  • Up to $150K over 5 years in cloud credits

Common AI Use-Cases

  • Automate Repetitive Mundane Tasks
  • Improve Business Intelligence
  • Automating Manufacturing Process
  • Improve Customer Experience



Founder, Ecolong

Liwen Shih 施麗紋

DoE Visiting Research Faculty Affiliate on QA^HPC Quantum-Accelerated HPC, Berkeley Lab

Dave ojika

Founder, Flapmax

Benard irungu

Sr. Programs Manager, Flapmax