The Future of AI is Female

A new resource designed for women in AI and technology to transform their lives and advance their careers.

Program Analysis

The partnership of FAI Institute and Wentors has ignited a new era for Women in Tech and AI. Creating new opportunities for women in stem by providing hands on experience with some of the industry's leaders and expert professionals. This internship is pushing forward the mission of placing a higher population of women in the technology and AI Industry.


The Women in AI internship and apprenticeship serves to support women in AI and the tech industry while helping them gain exposure to the African and global startup ecosystem. We aim to provide a high quality education, close mentorship, and employment opportunities. This program also filters into Flapmax's hiring pool as well as our partners organizations.


First Batch of Women in AI Internship Program will run from 19 September 2022 through 19 December 2022.

Internship Benefits

  • A robust working environment with an internationally distributed workforce
  • Self-paced learning materials and competency badges
  • Hands-on training
  • Flapmax certificate of completion
  • Live 1:1 and group sessions with industry leaders and engineers.

Program Curriculum

  • Introduction to Cloud Services
  • Python Programming Language
  • Project Management Skills development  
  • Individual and group based learning
  • Mentoring
progress tracking
  • Compass Check - a mechanism to monitor progress  of the intern in terms of accomplishing their assigned tasks. The activity is usually conducted during mid-implementation of the program.

Post Program

  • Flapmax certificate of completion
  • Testimonials and Portfolio building with curated documentation of work and publication of achievements
  • Potential job placements and referrals

Eligibility Criteria

Internships shall be granted to each candidate for a period not less than two (2) months and not more than three (3) months.
The internship is authorized only once for any candidate. Interns must have a working laptop with good connectivity.

Applicants may choose to pursue the Technology Track or the Non-technology track

System Software

From sensors and IoT devices to edge processing and cloud management and storage, disparate systems (including both hardware and software) must interoperate seamlessly to solve highly complex tasks within tolerable limits like latency, bandwidth and power while delivering rich experiences for users.

Cloud ManagementEdge ProcessingSensors & IoTStorage


Heterogeneous computing hardware will play an important role in next-gen mission critical systems. Combining Data, SciML and Software together, hardware needs to evolve to support fast changing demands in industry, including areas such as hardware acceleration, 5G platforms, reconfigurable computing and SoC.

Reconfigurable ComputingHardware AccelerationSystem-on-Chip5G Platforms
Non-Technology Track
To be eligible for the non-technology track, applicants must meet a minimum of one of the following criteria:
project management
Experience in leading, planning, and execution of a particular project
digital marketing
Experience and knowledge in developing strategies for building companies' brand awareness and relationships with consumers through Internet, social media and mobile channels.
Customer Relations
Experience in managing and disseminating information and relationships from an individuals or organization to the public
Sales Coordination
Experience in business-to-business (B2B) or B2C sales or experience working with SMEs
Technology Track
To be eligible for an internship under the technology track, applicants must meet the following criteria:
Technology Stack (minimum of 2):
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • React
  • JavaScript
  • HTML + CSS
  • Development of sample code or a personal project

Application Procedure

Advance your career today! Apply below or submit a resume/CV to

Note: Application Deadline is September 19th, 2022.