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University-quality research.
Industry-scale impact

Access to developer tools and cloud services
We partner with companies that align strategically with our mission of promoting research and innovation while making industry-wide impact.
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Helps university faculty provide students with additional skills
Flapmax actively collaborates with university faculty, post-doc, and other educators to address important technical challenges facing our society today.
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Students work on the latest technology
Through a variety of programs designed to encourage and mentor students, Flapmax supports promising students seeking to make an impact in the world.
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Our Collaborators

Collaborate with FAI Institute.

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Integration of your needs and solution online, sharing the resources and compute to maximizing your returns and minimize the cost.
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Scientific Computing
Bringing your team to the data, taking Flapmax’s established portfolio and clean presentation to generate, assess and demonstrate complex models.
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Open Source
At a principii of AI integration & revolution today, where all becomes available and here we help find your fit. By example and through result, consistently delivering results and making this your freedom to explore.

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IoT begins the data, now we give you the tools to deliver it, with powerful insight & adaptive analytics, bringing your data to life.
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Professional Apprenticeship

Recruit, train on-the-job, and empower underrepresented talent for inclusion in the modern workforce.

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Connect and collaborate with others. Brainstorm and solve problems together. Propose new challenges or even find your next hackathon teammates!

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Flapmax Africa

In 2050 Africa will be the most populated continent and technology is growing fast. Flapmax is dedicated to Africa as a hub for innovation. We are rapidly building our collaboration pipeline by developing AI supported programs in Africa for areas such as healthcare, agriculture, education and more.

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