About WAI

What we do at WAI

At Women in AI, our dedication lies in elevating and empowering women within the realm of artificial intelligence. Our objective? To cultivate a vibrant, inclusive community that allows you to thrive, collaborate, and soar in your career. We firmly believe that fostering diversity and inclusion paves the way for groundbreaking innovation and a lasting imprint in the field of AI.

By joining the Women in AI community, you open doors to connect with like-minded individuals. Learn from industry leaders, engage in meaningful discussions on AI topics, attend noteworthy events, and build a personal network within the AI sphere. Stand tall with Women in AI, and together, let's shape the future.

We Empower

Women in AI empowers women and gender minorities by leading by example, creating safe spaces for the community, and influencing the Tech Industry to be more inclusive.

We Connect

Join the WAI Mentorship Program - Annually, Women in AI hosts a Mentor Matchup, an initiative aimed at empowering women through mutual connections, shared knowledge, and problem-solving. This program is designed to support women and individuals of marginalized genders who are navigating the dynamic world of AI.

Whether you identify as a woman, non-binary, genderqueer, agender, or any other marginalized gender, we welcome you to partake in this transformative experience!

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