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Our Ambassador Program empowers individuals passionate about AI to champion diversity in the field. As an ambassador, you will foster connections and uplift women in AI. This role provides an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Are you ready to drive change? Become a Women in AI Ambassador today.
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Benefits of being an Ambassador


Connect with peers, industry professionals, and ambassadors from across the globe as part of our program. This opportunity will allow you to forge meaningful relationships, share knowledge, and broaden your network within the Women in AI community.

Leadership Opportunities

As an ambassador, you will seize the opportunity to lead within Women in AI. Take charge by organizing local events, mentoring future AI professionals, contributing to our content, and spearheading initiatives that further our mission.

Professional Development

As an ambassador, get exclusive access to resources, workshops, and training to boost your AI skills and leadership. This enriches your personal journey and furthers professional development.


As a Women in AI Ambassador, your valuable contributions will be celebrated across our website, social media channels, and at events. This platform enables you to highlight your dedication to gender diversity in AI and inspires aspiring professionals in the field.


As an ambassador, you will wield the power to significantly influence the lives and careers of women in AI. Your advocacy and initiatives will not only help bridge the gender gap, but they will also inspire others and foster a more inclusive AI landscape.

How To Join

To become a part of our Ambassador Program, complete the application form on our website. We seek individuals passionate about gender diversity, with a firm grasp of AI, coupled with exceptional communication and leadership abilities. Selection will be based on qualifications and dedication to our mission.

Join our ambassador community and spearhead change. Let's collaborate to build a future where women flourish in AI.
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Meet our Amabassador of the Month, a budding prospect in the field of AI and currently an Trainee in our data Analytics program.